project SEN


A chance meeting can sometimes lead to an amazing story.
That’s exactly what happened to us.
A combination of two cultures, Japanese and Italian, is a curious one.

Our story began with a friendship and later progressed into a creative partnership. Our workshop is a meeting point for Italian culture and Japanese design, and vice versa. We believe that great ideas can evolve from this exchange of traditions and opinions.
The delicacy of the kimono fabric and fine Italian craftsmanship work well together and we are enthusiastic about the stylish results.
We meticulously source all our fabrics, which we choose personally; the vintage kimonos, which we utilise in our creative “remodelling” work, tell the story of Japan with it’s ancient art and culture, which come back to life in objects designed for the present day, but also with the future in mind.
This is how we like to do things: our products are all handmade, the designs are simple but functional, every article is different and the packaging is also unique.

Two pairs of hands.

Chikako and Laura

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci