Miriam Pracchi – the artist who travels towards the absolute nature

Miriam Pracchi – the artist who travels towards the absolute nature

Kline: “ I paint not the things I see but the feelings they arouse in me”.

It is the most appropriate quote to talk about Miriam Pracchi and her works , the deepest expressions of her soul. We met Miriam in March for the first time , it took just a few seconds and we felt as if we had known each other for a long time.
Miriam talked to us about herself and how the oriental calligraphy opened the door to new happiness . She showed us her works , they were absolutely mervellous! They communicate us memories , dreams , thoughts and emotions . The lines drawn with the writing brush come alive and express her infinite inner world , the world of Miriam . These brush strokes always contain a force and a vital energy that Miriam perceives right away . Thanks to the oriental calligraphy, Miriam has found the inner balance and harmony.


For us Miriam painted on a wall in our workshop , the carps ‘koi ‘ that often appears on our fabrics , and it is chosen for background image of our accessories. They are simply amazing ! Some of are red , one is yellow , one is blue … It really seems that they are swimming surrounded by water waves. Each small fish is so delicate and it is finely painted that leaves you speechless.




Perhaps it is not coincidence that Miriam chose carp as theme. The carp is one of the fish which is energetic and strong and it is also a symbol as courage and perseverance in Japanese culture. The carp lying on the cutting board is waiting to be mutilated and killed… It doesn’t move but remains expressionless and proud. It recalls the attitude of samurai awaiting the execution.

The Samurai, who may be Miriam in her former life (As she herself talked about it).




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