Hiroshige: art meets fabric

Hiroshige: art meets fabric


It is difficult not to be fascinated by Japan which has inexhaustible reservoir of ideas , suggestions and reasons for inspiration.

This is why the mini collection of wallet FIO was born by using the fabric where Hiroshige’s artworks, some of the most emblematic parts of the Edo City (later renamed Tokyo), is printed on. Each wallet is the perfect tool and opportunity to deepen Japanese culture and especially one of the greatest art masters of Japanese painting of all time UTAGAWA HIROSHIGE .

“One Hundred Famous Views of Edo “ (1857) , represented on some pieces of wallet, illustrates the last phase of his artwork .

We love the sense of delicate sensibility that emerges in these paintings and it seems to perceive a harmony and an equilibrium that bring peace in the entire world: the beauty of nature such as cherry trees with blossoms , raindrops , or rivers, meadows and Mount Fuji . The human being in perfect balance and relationship with the universe of whom he is a part, but not  a master. A simple fabric, which is capable to surprise us , let us travel in old Japan with the emotions in the past and it makes us immediately to desire to feel .

Because after all,  the art is also and above all for those who enjoy.


The mini collection of wallet FIO will be available during the event “Appuntamento da Sophie”

in via Solferino 11, Milan.

(October 22,23 and 24) 



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